What is Laravel?

Laravel is a modern web application framework developed written in PHP. Their is a very active community that supports Laravel, resulting in large plug-in library to choose from.

21YunBox provides a very simple Laravel deployment method. You can quickly and easily deploy with 21YunBox in a static webpage environment.

How to Deploy Laravel in China?

  1. Signup on 21YunBox
  2. Create a PostgreSQL database
  3. Fork Laravel example on Gitee
  4. Create a Cloud Service on the 21YunBox, and allow the 21YunBox to access your code base
  5. Configure the following settings


PHP 7.2

Build command:


Start command:

php artisan serve --host= --port 10000

Click Advanced Configuration to configure environment variables:

APP_ENV production
DATABASE_URL In the first step to create a cloud database
midpoint Database URL get
APP_KEY Paste the key generated by php artisan key:generate --show

If you’d like a step by step example, please refer to the video below:

How to deploy the Laravel project to the server??