What is Spring?

Spring is an open source web application framework developed based on the Java language.

21YunBox provides a very simple Spring project deployment method. You can deploy on the 21YunBox by using the Java runtime environment.

How to Deploy a Spring Project to the Server in China?

  1. Signup on 21YunBox
  2. On Gitee Fork Spring Boot Startup Template
  3. Create a Cloud Service on 21YunBox, and allow 21YunBox to access your code base (repo)
  4. Use the following values during creation:
Runtime Java
Build command ./gradlew bootJar
Start command java -jar build/libs/spring-boot-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar --server.port=10000


  1. Please modify the jar package path in Start Command according to your project name, such as: java -jar build/libs/xxx.jar --server.port=10000

  2. 21YunBox default read port 10000

Spring Boot Startup Template is based on the Startup Project as a basis.

Within seconds, your Spring service can be accessed at app_id.21cloudbox.com.