What is Sanity CMS?

Sanity is one of many headless CMS (content management systems) for structured content. Headless CMS helps content editors, marketers, and developers work together to deliver a better content experience to their users.

Does Sanity CMS work in China?

The short answer is No.

Why? Sanity is built and hosted on top of the Google Cloud Platform which is blocked completely in China.

Here is the long answer:

We reached out to the Sanity team to see if their service works in China, and here is what we got:

Sanity's response to their service working in China
Sanity's response to their service working in China

So simply put, if the Sanity team doesn’t have experience with China, you are unlikely to get good support from them. If you are just testing Sanity out, and don’t need your site to be highly available in China. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Since the Sanity CMS is based on GCP (Google Cloud Platform), if GCP has good support in China, we probably can still use it in production, but what we found was this:

Google does not offer and has not offered cloud platform services inside China and Google Cloud is not weighing options to offer the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in China.” – Google’s Media Statement

So this looks like Sanity CMS doesn’t work in China by “words” and it is also not in the coverage area of the Sanity and GCP. The next thing we want to know is: if a website is published with Sanity CMS, whether the site can be loaded in China or not. More specifically, how fast the site loads in China. Here are the speed test results:

Fact checks

When a website completely appears in your browser, most of the time is spent loading media assets like images and videos. This leads us to think: how fast would the assets be loaded in China with websites published with Sanity CMS.

Media assets speed test with Sanity
Media assets speed test with Sanity

From the figure above, we can tell some major cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou took about 800 - 1,200 ms seconds to load just one image. If you have lots of assets on your website, you can imagine how slow it would be to completely load. In other words, your reader will be waiting forever to see images show up on their screen.

In short, websites published with Sanity CMS will be slow in major cities in China.

Getting Sanity to work in China

Before we tell you how to get your Sanity-backed website to work in China, Let’s look at the outcome first:

Sanity CMS with 21YunBox
Sanity CMS with 21YunBox

So basically, it’s all GREEN 🙌

What does this mean? If you speed test your website (published with Sanity CMS) outside of China, your website likely to load in a second or two. This means if you publish your website with the tip (I’m going to tell you below), then your website is the same or equivalent load time as you have outside of China.

This is how 21YunBox comes in to help to get your website up to speed in China with the tech you are using.

If you are interested in getting Sanity CMS to work in China with business-level support and availability. Reach out to us and we will give your site a speed boost 😎