Deploy your e-commerce store to 21YunBox’s global application network for blazing-fast speeds
Deploy your e-commerce store to 21YunBox’s global application network for blazing-fast speeds

The Era of Headless E-commerce has Arrived!

In the world of e-commerce, data-driven and personalized content have been proven to increase revenue. However many businesses have overlooked another decisive factor in revenue growth - loading speed of e-commerce storefronts for the consumer shouldn’t be overlooked.

The best way to upgrade into a headless e-commerce storefront in China is with 21YunBox.



Headless is a term for back-end services where the data and functions can be provided without the front-end interface. Headless systems refer to the separation of the front-end interface and back-end communication through API interface instead of front-end interface (ie "head").


Jamstack is a modern front-end network architecture. This architectural approach was created to match the headless back-end system at the beginning of the design. The use of the Jamstack architecture enables development teams to use modern web frameworks in a short period to develop a rich interactive interface.

Reducing page load time by 0.1 seconds will increase the conversion rate by 8%.

Google, Deloitte

21YunBox is a Modern Platform to Deliver Better Sale Conversions

“Headless” is a modern architecture for commerce that’s driving higher conversion through sites that are significantly faster, more custom to the brand, and more personalized to the customer.

Load your storefront with the fastest loading speed

Deploying your storefront on 21Yunbox will be fully loaded instantly. Your entire site will be packaged in a “pre-rendered” fashion when the project is built and deployed to the 21YunBox’s global edge network. This will achieve extremely fast access speed to serve buyers around the world.

Customize the brand image and user experience

Through the headless front-end network architecture, the application’s front-end interface is separated from the back-end. This allows you to make changes to the front-end quickly and frequently without having to coordinate all changes with the back-end. Unlike the traditional monolithic network architecture approach, your team can use a template technology built into the e-commerce platform.

In modern architecture, you will have complete control of the overall experience of the front-end store without impacting the back-end. This enables needed flexibility and agility for development teams.

How does it work?

Headless Back-end System

Most of the current e-commerce platforms already support running in a headless mode. This simplifies the platforms by separating the front-end and the back-end which reduces unneeded complexity.

A 21YunBox build will gather all the data and API interfaces of the headless back-end service platform. Then it’ll package the project in a “pre-rendered” fashion when the project is built.

Using this method allows companies to flexibly combine data from various headless services and API interfaces to achieve more personalized experiences.

21YunBox Automated Deployment

When content editors add or modify the content of the website on the headless back-end service platform, 21YunBox will receive the notification of Webhooks. 21YunBox will then automatically deploy.

In this process, 21YunBox will be the headless back-end service platform pulling data and integrate the API interfaces, and uses “pre-rendering” to generate high-performance pre-rendered web pages for the entire e-commerce storefront. The 21YunBox build environment supports 90% of the mainstream frameworks and technologies on the market. You can easily use the team’s favorite technology stack on the 21YunBox.

Global Deployment

After the construction is completed, your entire e-commerce site (including pre-rendered pages, pictures, videos, etc.) will be updated on 21YunBox’s global service network.

Empower Your Development Team

If your engineering team is still writing website template code in traditional e-commerce platforms (such as Magento) or e-commerce cloud, migrating to a headless e-commerce system will make them more effective! 21YunBox allows your developers to use any modern programming language and technical framework to build a rich front-end experience. At the same time, the use of a mature headless service platform through the use of API interfaces means a very low learning threshold and increases the flexibility of the technical team.

After switching to headless WordPress + 21YunBox, my website literally opened in seconds. I never thought it could be so fast.

James F.
VP of Engineering, HuntScan

More Flexible and Faster Iteration

Switching from the outdated e-commerce system to the 21YunBox is very simple. Only the back-end developers need to write API interfaces for the content (this is a crucial step to separate the front-end and the back-end) or migrate to support a headless e-commerce system on the system. Your technical architecture will become more flexible and iterate faster.

21YunBox provides a powerful service suite to help your engineering team achieve faster product launches, including:

  • Complete Git workflow
  • Built-in continuous deployment and continuous integration
  • Provide fully managed headless CMS
  • Provide integrated support for modern headless back-end systems
  • Backend Services out-of-the-box
  • Databases out-of-the-box
  • Fully Managed Apps out-of-the-box

What Other Benefits of Headless E-commerce + 21YunBox?

From content to security to personalization, here are more benefits of headless e-commerce on 21YunBox:

Unified Content

In the past, brand owners needed to maintain content websites and separate e-commerce storefronts due to technical bottlenecks. Now, with the help of headless e-commerce and 21YunBox, you can combine content and commerce while bringing rich content experiences to the storefront and every page during shopping and checkout experience.

Better Security and Lower Attack Surface

In our global network nodes, the content deployed to the edge nodes is stored statically, meaning no servers for hackers to attack.